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Engine Mountings

Engine Mountings used in vehicles like trucks, tractors, mills and in heavy machines and equipment for high vertical static and shock loads applications. The mounting consists of a cylindrical rubber section that has built-in inter leaf metal plates bonded with to two heavy-duty outer metal fixing plates of square shape. These are widely appreciated for their corrosion resistance, good strength and high tensile properties. We manufacture and export these engine mountings using supreme quality raw material, which are highly demanded across the globe.
Why do you need Engine Mountings?
An engine is the powerhouse of automobiles. A car won't budge a single inch from the place where it is stationed unless it is powered by an engine. The car, devoid of engine, would seem like a shiny box like mass of metal sheet. Needless to say that the vehicle engine is the most significant component of a car or any other vehicle. Similarly the role of the engine mounts is very important. Suppose there were no engine mountings in your car and you put on the ignition, pull back the gear lever and press acceleration pedal, then you will only meet a fatal accident because the engine will rip through the bonnet of your car. This is where the need of the engine mountings arises for your vehicle.
What are Engine Mountings?
Engine mountings are also called engine mounts that generally comprise two steel plates. These steel plates can easily absorb magnificent vibration of the vehicle produced which is increase in acceleration. A strong bolt firmly holds the pates together with the engine. One end of the bolt is tightly sealed in the engine body while the other end passes through chassis into the 2nd plate, which is held in place with a lock nut. There is a thick rubber cushion (known as bushing) in between the two steel plates. It absorbs all the vibrations from the engine. Engine mountings are used in automobile industry, and also find application in power generators, flour mills, etc.

Importance of Engine Mountings:
Although engine mountings are small in appearance they are one of the most vital components of a vehicle. Engine mount holds the engine to the bed of vehicle's bonnet. Therefore, when one starts the engine it rapidly starts vibrating and pushes the vehicle forward. The pressure under the bonnet is huge when the engine is started, and if there is nothing that can hold the engine it will fly off the vehicle in seconds. Engine mounts are considered as the primary shock absorber, as they reduce the vibration & controls the flow of energy produced by the engine.
Advantages of Engine Mountings:
  • Engine mounts ensure stable running of engine
  • Provides high isolation value in the horizontal shear direction
  • Engine mountings are designed and fabricated in varied specifications keeping in mind the requirement of load deflection
  • It also helps in protecting other components of vehicle by reducing the effect of vibration produced by engines
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